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Our solutions are complimentary; use all four together to maximize your call center's efficiency.

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Our solutions can also be integrated individually

Quality Manager

Improve your customer service through quality assurance monitoring. Play, evaluate and store your call center recordings. Save time through better decision making and simplified performance reviews. Embrace a culture of quality in your business and deliver top-notch customer service.

Record Calls
  • Improve your call center call quality, corporate adherence, and consistence.
    Retrieve recorded call details at the touch of a key.
  • Enhanced search retrieves dozens or thousands of recording.
Monitor Agent Performance
  • Customize your quality assurance forms to meet your needs.
  • Evaluate call center agent performance with stored video and audio recordings.
Quality Assurance Insights
  • Gain measurable and actionable insights with Quality Manager.
  • Capture vital data and build reports from multiple sources.
  • Filter groups of recordings based on specific criteria, in a matter of seconds.


Quality Manager Integrates with Third Party Software

Quality Manager can be used independently, or integrate with your third party software applications such as Salesforce, Five9, and Cisco. Access recordings made in third party applications that offer API integration or export recordings.

Call centers like yours rely on Quality Manager to boost productivity to new levels of speed and accuracy. Learn more.

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PCI Redactor

Comply with Payment Card Industry data security standards with our PCI redactor. Our patented technology allows users to redact protected audio with sensitive information from call recordings prior to the storage of the recording.

Track the location of the audio segment to be deleted

Securely transmit the recording to Authority Software for redaction of audio segments

Cryptoshred original recording containing sensitive audio

  • 256-bit (AES) encryption for security and regulatory compliance. Prevent unauthorized users from accessing recordings and reduce the risk of credit card fraud in your contact center.
  • Comply with security regulations across many sectors, including health (HIPAA) and finance.
  • Automatically track the location of private information flagged to be removed from your final audio recordings.
Data Access
  • Store recordings either perpetually or for a pre-defined period of time without any concern that sensitive data is accessible by users.


Your call center can rely on PCI Redactor for your security and compliance needs.

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Script Designer

Script Designer is simple to use, quick to configure and deploy

Your agents will welcome the simple, clean interface that delivers exactly what they need to know. You can quickly create call center scripts that eliminate irrelevant information and promote a consistent encounter.

One Relationship Record

Access all relevant information across all data sources to create a Relationship Record. Get client-specific insight quickly and easily.

  • Unify information from multiple sources
  • Present only relevant data to your agents
  • Deliver knowledge across all customer interactions
  • Provide a true single view of the customer with actionable intelligence
  • Increase speed and accuracy when you create a consistent experience for your agents
  • Create and access reports from multiple sources through a single user interface

A single Relationship Record powers all conversations with authority. Learn more.

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Workforce Management

The right agents at the right times. Simplified.

No more exporting and importing spreadsheets to get the right agents scheduled at the right time. With everything built from the ground up in the same platform, Workforce Management just got simpler, without sacrificing power and performance.

  • Customizable and accurate forecasting with the click of the mouse.
  • Schedule agents based on trends, not guesses so you’re never overstaffed.
  • Respond to shifts in real time.
Affordable at any scale
  • WFM solution that won’t break the bank.
  • Rapid return on investment by reducing overtime and overstaffing.
Rapid implementation
  • Implementation in weeks, not months or years.
  • Fully and easily customizable with Script Designer.


Authority WFM is fully integrated into the Authority product suite so you never have to swap back and forth between programs just to get the job done right. Learn more.

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